Historic day for Marine at SA Surf Lifesaving nationals

The 2015 South African Surf Lifesaving Championships concluded at Suncoast Pirates, Durban on Sunday with local club Marine Surf Lifesaving Club (SLC) clinching a historic first ever senior national title while Fish Hoek narrowly edged out the Eastern Cape’s Kings Beach for the junior spoils.

Marine's Barry Lewin relived a piece of history on Sunday's final day of the 2015 South African Surf Lifesaving Championships at Suncoast Pirates when he clinched the men's single ski title, the same title his father Mark Lewin won at the same venue 28 years ago.

Marine’s Barry Lewin relived a piece of history on Sunday’s final day of the 2015 South African Surf Lifesaving Championships at Suncoast Pirates when he clinched the men’s single ski title, the same title his father Mark Lewin won at the same venue 28 years ago.

Starting the day just two points behind local rivals Durban Surf and a slender five points ahead of defending champions Fish Hoek, the Marine team needed a strong start and a memorable victory in the senior men’s single ski clash by Barry Lewin gave them just the foundation they were looking for.

Up against global surfski powerhouses Hank McGregor, Matthew Bouman and Jasper Mocké and surf lifesaving paddling standouts Wade Kriger and Luke Nisbet, Lewin got off to a flying start and despite a charging Bouman and young Dominic Notten breathing down his neck, managed to claim a victory that will remain a fond memory for many years to come.

“In 1987, here at the exact same venue, my dad won the men’s national single ski title so it is incredibly special to be able replicate his achievement 28 years later!” beamed Lewin proudly.

“I’ve been feeling really good in my spec ski recently and coming into today I drew a bit of extra motivation from the where our club was sitting on the grand aggregate.

“I knew if we could get things off to a good start first thing this morning then it would really help set the tone for our team for the rest of the day and so I wanted to make sure I gave it my all on my ski.

“I got away cleanly on the right with Dom (Notten) while Matt flew out the blocks on the left. We reached the buoys together but when we turned around the final can and started to head for home I looked up and saw that I was on the exact line that I’d practiced in training; I took a deep breath and just went for it!

“It certainly wasn’t comfortable but in the end I got there and I’m just really chuffed with the win!” he added.

Lewin’s individual effort on the water was then replicated by club mates Chad Ho and Sasha-Lee Norgenden, who won the men’s and women’s surf swim race respectively, before Mhlegi Gwala clinched the men’s beach run title from Siyanda Mthethwa of Durban Surf.

There was a strong Marine presence in the team events’ top three position throughout the day as well, including victories in the both the men’s and women’s coveted taplin relay, women’s board rescue and the women’s single ski relay.

The women’s taplin relay was a particularly interesting affair as all three title challenging outfits desperately sought vital points while Suncoast Pirates’ challenging surf conditions made it difficult for competitors to find any sort of a rhythm.

Women’s standout surf competitor of the championships Anna Notten put in a remarkable effort on the board leg to not only bring her Fish Hoek team back into the mix but into the lead as well however a costly swim in the tricky surf during the ski leg saw Marine eventually charge through to claim the spoils.

Hosts Suncoast Pirates were another outfit to enjoy a strong start to the day as Nisbet brothers Luke and Adam clinched the men’s board rescue, aiding in their club’s effort to make fourth place overall their own.

“We’ve been really pleased to see how well our athletes have done in the water and on the beach over the past few days,” said Suncoast Pirates chairman Anton Fouché.

“As hosts we have also been really chuffed with how smoothly everything has gone and how well this year’s national champs have been supported!

“A big thanks must go to our sponsors The Sugar Association of South Africa, Illovo Sugar and Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World for their generous support not only of our club but our event as well,” he added.

The juniors contest went down to the wire with Fish Hoek eventually being too strong for Kings Beach and Marine’s youngsters.



1.Marine (278 points)
2.Durban Surf (272 points)
3.Fish Hoek (229 points)
4.Suncoast Pirates (64 points)
5.False Bay (57 points)
6.Llandudno (46 points)
7.Umhlanga Rocks (32 points)
8.Warnadoone (25 points)
9.East London (19 points)
10.Sardinia Bay (18 points)

1.Fish Hoek
2.Kings Beach

Surf Swim
1.Chad Ho (Marine)
2.Paul Bees (Durban Surf)
3.Paul van Achterburgh (Marine)

Single Ski
1.Barry Lewin (Marine)
2.Matthew Bouman (Marine)
3.Dominic Notten (Fish Hoek)

Beach Run
1.Mhlegi Gwala (Marine)
2.Siyanda Mthethwa (Durban Surf)
3.Callum Deeble (Durban Surf)

Board Rescue
1.Suncoast Pirates (Luke Nisbet/Adam Nisbet)
2.Fish Hoek (Jayden Alford-Loots/Lyle Maasdorp)
3.Durban Surf (Shaun Dias/Christopher McGlynn)

Double Ski
1.Durban Surf (Hank McGregor/Wayne Wilson)
2.Durban Surf (Luke Chalupsky/Shaun Dias)
3.Marine (Matthew Bouman/Wade Krieger)

Taplin Relay
1.Marine (Matthew Bouman/Chad Ho/Paul van Achterburgh/Eugene Swanepoel)
2.Fish Hoek (Jayden Alford-Loots/Lyle Maasdorp/Jasper Mocké/Michael Webb)
3.Suncoast Pirates (Sherlene Moodley/Luke Nisbet/Adam Nisbet/Malec Odendaal)

Beach Relay
1.False Bay (Carlton Baron/Ryle de Morny/Taarip Hassiem/Andrew van Diemen)
2.Warnadoone (Landon Kruger/Keagan Kruger/Jonathan Mackintosh/Travis Siler)
3.Llandudno (Matthew Anderson/Leo Hicks/Cheyne Robertson/Robert Tweddle)
Single Ski Relay
1.Durban Surf (Shaun Dias/Hank McGregor/Wayne Wilson)
2.Marine (Matthew Bouman/Wade Krieger/Barry Lewin)
3.Suncoast Pirates (Konrad Karcz/Luke Nisbet/Adam Nisbet)

Surf Boats
1.Suncoast Pirates(Dase Clements/Daniel Erasmus/Robin le Roux/Jason Reynolds/Clinton Wreghitt)
2.Marine (Gary Brummer/Lando Davey/Gary Moor/Andrew Shenker/Eugene Swanepoel)
3.Pirates (Jonathan Bond/Liam Hurley/Konrad Karcz/Charles Khumalo/Sandile Simamane)

Surf Swim
1.Sasha-Lee Norgenden (Marine)
2.Carmel Billson (Marine)
3.Amanda Loots (Durban Surf)

Beach Run
1.Sabrina Dierks (Llandudno)
2.Anna Notten (Fish Hoek)
3.Tayla Glover (Durban Surf)

Board Rescue
1.Marine (Carmel Billson/Samantha Rowe)
2.Durban Surf (Gina Laurie/Amanda Loots)
3.Fish Hoek (Jodi Cleworth/Kirsten Flannagan)

Double Ski
1.Fish Hoek (Candice Murray/Anna Notten)
2.Fish Hoek (Jodi Cleworth/Kirsten Flannagan)
3.Durban Surf (Kendal Artz-Wood/Kerry Segal)

Taplin Relay
1.Marine (Carmel Billson/Lauren Coleby/Samantha Rowe/Jenna Ward)
2.Fish Hoek (Jodi Cleworth/Brynde Fisher-Jeffes/Kirsten Flannagan/Donna Murray)
3.Durban Surf (Gina Laurie/Amanda Loots/Mandi Maritz/Kerry Segal)

Beach Relay
1. Durban Surf (Gina Laurie/Mandi Maritz/Kerry Segal/Bianca von Bargen)
2.False Bay (Melissa Corbett/Kaitlin Eaton/Tayla Faulmann/Nadiya Mohamed)
3.Marine (Carmel Billson/Tahne Bush/Samantha Rowe/Jenna Ward)

Single Ski Relay
1.Marine (Lauren Coleby/Savannah van Rooyen/Jenna Ward)
2.Marine (Carmel Billson/Tahne Bush/Samantha Rowe)
3.Fish Hoek (Jodi Cleworth/Brynde Fisher-Jeffes/Kirsten Flannagan)

Beach Relay
1.Llandudno (Matthew Anderson/Leo Hicks/Cheyne Robertson/Robert Tweddle)
2.Kings Beach (Damien de Chalain/Tristan Jonas/Bradley Odendaal/Benjamin Smith)
3.Clifton (Johannes Henkel/Ryan McNamara/Thomas Oliver/Ross van Schoor)

Board Relay
1.East London (Josh Fenn/Luke Johnson/Justin van Wyk)
2.Fish Hoek (Stuart Bristow/Sam Forder-Smith/Nicholas Notten)
3.Big Bay (Ethan Fall/Blake Kelly/Kurt Rautenbach)

Iron Man (U19)
1.Nicholas Notten (Fish Hoek)
2.Daniel Jones (Kings Beach)
3.Keegan Murugan (Durban Surf)

Iron Man (U17)
1.Luke Johnson (East London)
2.Travis Misdorp (Suncoast Pirates)
3.Sam Forder-Harris (Fish Hoek)

Iron Man (U15)
1.Josh Fenn (East London)
2.Matthew Dufourq (Marine)
3.Taine Buys (Suncoast Pirates)

Single Ski (U19)
1.Nicholas Notten (Fish Hoek)
2.Robert Tweedle (Llandudno)
3.Dylan Riddle (Marine)

Single Ski (U17)
1.Bailey de Fondaumiere (Marine)
2.Luke Johnson (East London)
3.William Weldrick (East London)

Single Ski (U15)
1.Sean Chater (Marine)
2.William Dowsett (Marine)
3.Josh Fenn (East London)

Beach Run (U19)
1.Andrew van Diemen (False Bay)
2.Justin van Wyk (East London)
3.Stuart Bristow (Fish Hoek)

Beach Run (U17)
1.Callum Deeble (Durban Surf)
2.Leo Hicks (Llandudno)
3.Joshua Lowe (Clifton)

Beach Run (U15)
1.Jamie Riddle (Kings Beach)
2.Aidan Baker (Kings Beach)
3.Tiago de Freitas (Big Bay)

Surf Swim Relay
1.Kings Beach (Joshua Bellairs/Daniel Jones/Matthew Petzer)
2.Durban Surf (Michael McGlynn/Nikhil Mehta/Travis Smith)
3.Suncoast Pirates (Keown Delomoney/Travis Misdorp/Reece Turner)

Taplin Relay
1.Fish Hoek (Sam Forder-Harris/Mark Keeling/Nicholas Notten/Vincent Warrin)
2.Fish Hoek (Stuart Bristow/Luke Durr/Devon Hunt/Julen Rojo-Roos)
3.Durban Surf (Thaine Baird/Michael McGlynn/Cameron White/Tristan Wilson)

Double Ski
1.Fish Hoek (Mark Keeling/Nicholas Notten)
2.East London (Josh Fenn/Justin van Wyk)
3.Durban Surf (Trent Baird/Cameron White)

Board Race (U19)
1.Nicholas Notten (Fish Hoek)
2.Joel Segal (Warnadoone)
3.Stuart Bristow (Fish Hoek)

Board Race (U17)
1.Keaton Riddle (Marine)
2.Travis Misdorp (Suncoast Pirates)
3.Luke Johnson (East London)

Board Race (U15)
1.Luke Durr (Fish Hoek)
2.Josh Fenn (East London)
3.William Dowsett (Marine)

Surf Swim (U19)
1.Nicholas Notten (Fish Hoek)
2.Brandon Isemonger (Marine)
3.Daniel Jones (Kings Beach)

Surf Swim (U17)
1.Travis Misdorp (Suncoast Pirates)
2.Keown Delomoney (Suncoast Pirates)
3.Kurt Rautenbach (Big Bay)

Surf Swim (U15)
1.Michael McGlynn (Durban Surf)
2.Josh Fenn (East London)
3.William Dowsett (Marine)

Beach Relay
1.Kings Beach (Micaela Smith/Erica van Rooyen/Kelsey Vaughan/Ashleigh Vaughan)
2.Clifton (Brittany Bendall/Tasmin Summerton/Cambell Truss/Bia van Heerden)
3.Winklespruit (Meagan Barber/Kelly Fell/Micaela Parker/Terri-Lee Prato)

Board Relay
1.Durban Surf (Angela Hill/Teal Hogg/Tamryn Montgomery)
2.Fish Hoek (Jodi Cleworth/Kirsten Flannagan/Jamie Venter)
3.Kings Beach (Dee Kotze/Lara Odendaal/Ashleigh Vaughan)

Iron Woman (U19)
1.Jodi Cleworth (Fish Hoek)
2.Kirsten Flannagan (Fish Hoek)
3.Lara Edward (Suncoast Pirates)

Iron Woman (U17)
1.Caroline Dowsett (Marine)
2.Tayla Mottram (Marine)
3.Ashleigh Vaughan (Kings Beach)

Iron Woman (U15)
1.Teegan Hardwick (Marine)

Single Ski (U19)
1.Jodi Cleworth (Fish Hoek)

Single Ski (U17)
1.Caroline Dowsett (Marine)
2.Ashleigh Vaughan (Kings Beach)
3.Tamryn Montgomery (Durban Surf)

Single Ski (U15)
1..Teegan Hardwick (Marine)
2.Jamie Venter (Fish Hoek)
3.Kari Steyn (Llandudno)

Beach Run (U19)
1.Carey Glover (Umhlanga Rocks)
2.Kirsten Flannagan (Fish Hoek)
3.Bianca Tarboton (East London)

Beach Run (U17)
1.Linda Detering (Llandudno)
2.Camryn Riddle (Kings Beach)
3.Janika Schwalm (Llandudno)

Beach Run (U15)
1.Georgia Warrin (Fish Hoek)
2.Kris-Mari Voges (Kings Beach)
3.Karla Kubica (Llandudno)

Beach Flags (U19)
1.Micaela Smith (Kings Beach)
2.Kelsey Vaughan (Kings Beach)
3.Bia van Heerden (Clifton)

Beach Flags (U17)
1.Tamryn Montgomery (Durban Surf)
2.Linda Detering (Llandudno)
3.Nosipho Abrams (Fish Hoek)

Beach Flags (U15)
1.Kelly Fell (Winklespruit)
2.Erica van Rooyen (Kings Beach)
3.Kaitlyn Woods (Marine)

Surf Swim (U19)
1.Sasha-Lee Norgenden (Marine)
2. Lara Edward (Suncoast Pirates)
3.Jodi Cleworth (Fish Hoek)

Surf Swim (U17)
1.Kristin Bellingan (Big Bay)
2.Ayanda Maphumulo (Durban Surf)
3.Caylan Bromley (Clifton)

Surf Swim (U15)
1.Alice Edward (Suncoast Pirates)
2.Alessandra Bayly (Llandudno)
3.Payton Horton (Kings Beach)

Board Race (U19)
1.Lara Edward (Suncoast Pirates)
2.Rebecca Carter-Smith (Strand)
3.Sasha-Lee Norgenden (Marine)

Board Race (U17)
1.Tamryn Montgomery (Durban Surf)
2.Ashleigh Vaughan (Kings Beach)
3.Caitlin Brouckaert (Fish Hoek)

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